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 Shaun Smith





From The Desk of : Shaun Smith


Okay, firstly let's get the boring bit out of the way. I don't want to waffle on too much as you want to get on with making some money online. I have spent years in the home based opportunities market moving from one idea to another. Some I have been successful with, and others, well need I say more?

It's very possible to turn a handsome profit using this money making system.  Just knowing where to start is the real key to making money online. Without the correct knowledge, you will waste precious time and a load of money. The following programme is guaranteed to give you online success. Just read it carefully and follow a true expert's advice.


Let me show you how you can make up to £700+ per day working from home for just 1-3 hours per day.

Oh, did I hear a groan, "£700+ for just 1-3 hours per day?" If it's so easy then why isn't everyone doing it? Well, you will be surprised at the number of people who are doing it, and they have no competition whatsoever. The Internet is huge so any competition just wouldn't affect them. It's just that they are happily sitting back at home banking money online every day with little effort and there is no reason to tell you.

I ran a website business for approximately 3 years from home, and it was by pure chance that I found out how to operate this system. I was so incensed that it was so easy to do and no one had told me about it. Once you have the right information, it is SO EASY to set up and make money online.

This system is simple, consistent, safe, secure and totally legal.  All the money can be paid directly in to your bank account and can be withdrawn from your cash point or any bank in the world.

So, imagine going on holiday for a few weeks, and while you're there money is being paid directly into your bank account everyday. So not only are you enjoying yourself but you're earning money online as well.

You'll be earning up to £700+ a day in just DAYS!


Automated Income



Work from home
Get out of debt
Buy a new car
Buy a new home
Have an expensive holiday
Pay for your kid's education

               Work from Home  Buy a new car
                           Work From Home                                My New BMW M3 Car 

Buy A New House  Holiday in south africa
   My House In The Country               Taking A Holiday In South Africa

Right, let me show you how I have money paid in to my account everyday -You can too!

You are about to take the first steps to having more money in your pocket every day.

What I do is so simple you are going to be amazed. I will take you through the money making system step by step so that you can generate £50, £200, £400 or even £700 every day of the year.

All you have to do is follow my simple step by step money making instructions. I will provide everything you need to get started. When I first started working this system, money was coming in, within just 8 minutes. Yes 8 minutes! But please note that this is NOT a "Get-rich-quick scheme".

What happens next?

Once you have downloaded the money making system, I will take you through the whole process until the money starts to come in. I can't be fairer than that can I?. How many other systems will do this?

It's too good to be true?

Well, I am not going to mislead you. You will have to do some work at the start, which I will go through with you step by step. It's not difficult and you don't have to be genius to do it. Once you have registered and the money starts to come in you will realise it is TRUE!

What will I be doing?

I will show you how to set up online accounts. This will take you less than 3 hours and your earnings will be up to £700+ per day for each account. These accounts are available to anyone irrespective of their current status. They are legal, safe, secure and deliver income into your bank account or ATM machine.

Your Own ATM Machine

I will show you how to do several simple transactions, which are all done online and are the backbone of the system.

Once this is done, you will be able to monitor your money making system anytime of the day to ensure that everything is running smoothly. The whole process usually takes just 1 - 3 hours.

Let's Clarify A Couple Of Important Points!

I run this money making system myself and receive payments directly to my bank account. You will not have a problem whatsoever setting up these accounts. They are available to EVERYONE! Each account will generate an income up to £700+ per day (this is not Data Entry or any other nonsense). This is so obvious and simple you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

You will enjoy a cash income EVERYDAY paid directly to your bank. It is totally automatic and you will be so excited once I have gone through it with you step by step.

I will show you how to: 

Set up your online income accounts
Set up your online transactions
Access your money online or through any bank

My step by step instructions are idiot proof. If I can do it then ANYONE can! 

You don't need good credit
You don't need to be a genius on the computer
You don't have to sell anything personally to anyone
I should by now, have you thinking, right? Yes? Well that's good. Because you need to act quickly!


StuartHi Shaun,

This money making system really works! The videos that Shaun has made are simple to understand and a complete novice will be able to set this up in no time at all.

Best of all the techniques that you are about to learn will not cost you one single penny. I am surprised how cheap he is willing to let this sell for. You will not spend a better £57.00 that's for sure.

This is not a cheap and cheerful eBook either, it is a top quality product that is constantly updated.

Great stuff Shaun!

Hi Shaun

First thanks for resending me the 700inaday videos. I am working through them. They are awesome!

Secondly thanks for this email. Wow! That was really informative. U r a great mentor!

You are the first tully down-to-earth and plain speaking person I have come accross on the net so far and I am really impressed and appreciative!!!!

Sam K

Hi Shaun

That's me started. I've watched all the videos.
I'm so glad I've bought into this programme.

Thanks Shaun


Shaun, Good Morning. I just wanted to say Thank You! Its because of people like you that gives people like me a ray of hope and something to look forward to.

I feel honored to align myself with you and hopefully you can add me to your list of success stories
Look forward to working with you very soon

Cheers! Allwyn Fernandes

Hi Shaun,

Just writing to say thanx for being a genuine non-secretive person.Your system is great, re the way you dont seem to leave anything out.I have spent money on info but never get the whole story.

Cheers Iain

Hi Shaun,

Firstly, I bought your course and it's brilliant, thanks very much, I'm making money using it. I love your approach, relaxed and to the point.

We are similar people. I am 47 and have been studying Internet Marketing for a few months now and am working towards quitting my full time job, HGV driver, and will be leading the lifestyle you have within the next 6 months.


Hi Shaun,

2010 has to be better than the last couple of years for my family and I and I hope that I am one of the chosen few, £30,000 per month would be good, however, £50,000 sounds better.

So far I have made £437.00 not bad for 3 weeks (20 hours, over £21 a hour) learning, so it is possible to make money online.

I think like many people we are to busy working to earn a living than to make serious money, I have promised myself that I will spend at least 4-5 hours per day after work with my laptop and will make serious money.

Best regards

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm still not sure what the system is?

A. Well, if I give too much away and tell you exactly what accounts you will be setting up, I will be giving this proven system away. All I can say is that I operate this myself, and I will take you through the whole process. You will not be disappointed.

Q. Is this program legal and ethical?

A. Yes, it is! This is totally legal and ethical as I have said. I run this myself and this has made me a lot of money. You will not be breaking any laws whatsoever. If anyone tries to abuse this system they will be banned forthwith.

Q. What type of accounts will I be opening?

A. I can't give too much away but they are available to everyone no matter what their financial status. They only take 1- 3 hours to set up, and you will be surprised at the company offering them. Again, they are totally legal. I have many running right now, making me money as you read this.


A. Absolutely not! I guarantee that only you will be rewarded for what you do.

Q. Is there a catch?

A. No. Obviously, the money you make will depend on following my step by step instructions and putting in some effort. No effort NO gain! You won't need any investment, apart from the cost of my system.

Q. Once I have registered what happens next?

A. This is the exciting bit! I take secure payments online, just click on the "Add To Cart" below and you will be able to access the system immediately. You will then be able to start.

Q. Do I have to sell anything?

A. No, No, No! This is the fun bit. You don't sell anything, you don't have to speak to anyone, you just check your accounts, watch the money grow, draw it out of the bank and spend it. I will show you what I'm doing with my accounts so you can see you don't have to sell anything. All you need to do is a little research, follow my instructions and that's it.

Q. Do I have a Guarantee?

A. Yes, I will go through everything step by step making this already easy system even easier. It is enjoyable and also has a FULL 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. All I ask of you is to follow my step by step instructions. By following my instructions you will make money.  However, if you implement what I teach you and haven't earned an income from this system, and if you provide proof of what you have done I will refund your £57 in FULL. I can't be any fairer than that.


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So, if you want to stay at home on your computer just like me and earn up to £700+ per day...  

Step by step instructions to make you money are provided
You will never be in debt again
You can access your money from anywhere in the world
Keep your present job or leave, the choice is yours
Buy a new home, car or have an expensive holiday


Now £57 Limited Period.


IMPORTANT: Once you have paid for this opportunity there isn't anything else to pay. You don't need to pay for a website, pay for advertising, or pay to operate this up to £700 a day opportunity. I will show you how to "make money" everyday without spending a penny.

To Your Success

Shaun Smith

Shaun Smith

PS. Great Proven Opportunities Don't Come Around Very Often, Especially When You Have The Potential To Make Up To £700 A Day, For Just £57.